About Us

Xplore Old Houses In new england

My name is Jeff Topping. My mission is to share my knowledge and passion for old houses on to others who also appreciate the historic and practical value they have.

I realized one day that the current housing crisis will not be able to generate enough new homes at affordable prices for people. Living here in the Northeast, there are an abundance of original old houses that have admirably served past generations of families. These old houses have so much more life left in them and so much more heritage to pass on. I hope to help put these houses in the hands of the next generation of owners.

Buying an old home is a very practical and rewarding path. In many cases, they can be acquired very inexpensively with budget left over to take care of the required fixes and upgrades including updated finishes and improvements that give them new life and make them beautiful again.

Where to start? That is the scary part for many. Fear of buying a money pit, or getting in over your head are realistic concerns. The secret to success is finding the right house to fit your budget, match your sweat equity level and provide a long term return on investment.